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Sesame Street promotes healthy eating to kids with Cookie Monster choosing fruits!

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

Sesame Street is using its 40th anniversary to promote healthy eating with fun educational videos.

Cookie Monster still loves cookies but chooses fruit first and cookies second! This video is a great way to help kids see that fruit is a delicious and a fun food to eat. Engaging children with positive messaging about healthy eating makes it fun for kids. I love this because it also helps kids build a positive association to healthy food choices. These food associations will become an important factor in kids food choices as they get older. Great job Sesame Street in taking a healthy AND fun approach to reach out to children with this important message.

Using characters to promote healthy eating is a marketing tactic that the fast foods, high sugar and high fat food manufacturers know is effective. That is why they poor millions of dollars each year into promoting their foods to kids using toys, characters and interactive media. We need to fight FUN with FUN and surround healthy eating with fun media that will stick in a child's mind.

Enjoy Cookie Monster's interview with Matt Lauer





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