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Our blog ‘Nourishing Thoughts’ keeps families informed on current nutrition news, fun kid-friendly nutrition tips to encourage healthy food, nutrition, and exercise choices, nutrition articles, and interactive tools for parents. Our healthy nutrition blog is for parents, teachers, and everyone who is interested in kids' health and nutrition.

Often, we will have weekly themes about healthy habits.  The topic is discussed on Mondays, we follow up with a fun informative infographic that provides key facts about the topic, finishing up on Friday with some great materials and resources to use to bring that topic to home, school or wherever you are working with children to promote healthier habits! Enjoy.

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About Maggie

I am a nurse and a mother of two.  I am also the founder of Nourish Interactive. I am very concerned about the health and well being of our children.  I started the Nourishing Thoughts Blog so that I could help parents keep up on the latest trends in children’s nutrition and exercise. 

I know that much like reading and writing is the foundation for learning, nutrition is the foundation for healthy children.  But with so many new studies, products and trends constantly being reported it is hard to keep up.  I just want to make it a little easier for parents by doing some of the legwork and providing you with up to date information.

May 21, 2014

Time to go to the Farmers Market - Family Event

Have you gone to a farmers market lately. I was just thinking to myself that it has been awhile since I have gone. With the beautiful weather and summer just upon us, it reminds me that some of my favorite fruits will be in season. Farmer's m...
May 19, 2014

Summertime meal programs available for children around the country

I was asked to share some important information about the USDA Summer Food Program. I am happy to do this and know that it is important for children who are out of school but need some help getting a healthy lunch each day. There are hundreds o...
May 16, 2014

The perfect picnic basket has five food groups

Going for a picnic this Saturday as part of your Take your Kid to the Park Day. No problem. Keep it simple and work with a lot of the foods you already have in the fridge. A balanced picnic lunch includes: vegetables fruit h...
May 14, 2014

Kids to the Park day means health, wellness and fun

We are experiencing a hot spell out here in California. It reminds me that I need to go outside and play! This Saturday, May 17, is national Kids to Park day and a perfect reason to pack the kids up and go to the nearest county, state or...
May 12, 2014

National Food Allergy week - Help Make It a Safer Place For Kids

This week is national Food Allergy Week. I want to do my part in raising awareness to this important condition because it now affects 1 in 13 children. There is no cure for it and teaching children and adults on how to manage children who have...
May 09, 2014

Shout out to my mom for the values she imparted upon me

I just wanted to take a moment to send a shout out to my own mother and my daughter who is now a mother. With Mother's Day comes the reminder of all the things that moms do for us when we are young and when we are grown up! I want to share one...
May 07, 2014

Teachers are Heros

I just wanted to share this wonderful infographic in honor of teachers everywhere. Teachers do change the world by creating children who are knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful and productive members of society. Teachers are also part of at least o...
May 05, 2014

Celebrate the nurses and teachers in your child's life with nourishing cards

Help kids say thank you to their teachers and nurses in your child's life with these free special cards of appreciation. Just download and print. Nourish Thought for the Day: It only takes a moment to show appreciation that will be remembe...
May 02, 2014

Teachers Appreciation Week - Thank you from Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive thanks all the teachers around the world that help children learn each day through their thoughtful patience, kindness, wisdom and creativeness. Nourish Thought for the Day: Teachers are special people who touch your...
Apr 30, 2014

Screen Free Week

Twice a year, it is time to turn off the televisions and other electronics with screens and focus on family time. You might wonder, "Do we really need a national organization devoted to making this happen?" or you are probably thinking "No wa...
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