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Help your child learn to do a pull up and keep them physically fit

Posted on Aug 03, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

Kids need to learn about the importance of being physically fit when they are young, before the habits are formed. Before they are overrun with commercials about junk food and how it is to eat them (you even get a toy sometimes!)

Being able to do a pull up is a good measure of physical fitness. Why not teach this to your child early.

How to help your child learn to do a pull up:

  • combine a height adjustable pull up bar with a technique called leg assisted pull ups in which kids jump and pull at the same time
  • lower the bar to a level where your child can easily do 8 leg assisted pull ups
  • gradually raise the bar one inch every week or every other week,
  • eventually they run out of leg assistance and suddenly they’re doing conventional pull ups
Technique from an article citing Dr. Jacob Egbert, a Columbia, MO based physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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