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School ends the year on a nutrition note.

Posted on Jun 27, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

How one school is teaching children about nutrition and keeping it fun

Here is a great little article about a fun, healthy idea for schools. This school ended the school year by having a "Nutrition Adventures Day". They played games such as a potato sack trivia relay, fruit and veggie ring toss and a food pyramid relay where they had to grab food items and race to put them in their correct section.

Other activities included making fruit sundaes.

The idea is great because it makes learning about nutrition fun. One of the teachers, Pam Porter, said that students love going to the Nutrition Adventures Day every year. The more nutrition education they got, the more of an impact it was having on the foods like liked to eat.

I love hearing about schools and communities finding creative ways to make nutrition fun.

Maybe this is something you can suggest to your school?





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