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WIC finally comes in line with the recommended food guidelines for children.

Posted on Mar 23, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

It's is good to see the government is finally coming in line with their own policies. The government launched the new food guidelines in 2005 but their federally funded program did not support purchasing foods from the five food groups.WIC is a federal nutrition program that provides Women, Infants and Children with food assistance and nutrition education. It is finally making program changes after almost 30 years.

The changes, which for the first time will include fresh produce, whole-grain breads and certain baby foods, will bring the program more in line with federal dietary guidelines and what doctors now know about keeping people healthy and preventing obesity.

States have some approval process they must go through (there is always extra paperwork!) but most states are supposed to be set to support these changes by October 2009.This program serves about 8.8 million American so this is a very important step in helping families eat healthy.

More information about the WIC Food Program





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