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What is a CPAP?

Posted on Oct 19, 2016 by Guest Writer

Continuous positive airway pressure, also known as CPAP, is a treatment to keep airways open with mild air pressure. People who have trouble breathing often use this treatment.

It is suitable for people with sleep apnea and even for little children whose lungs haven’t developed fully. Many infants are treated with mild air pressure for respiratory distress syndrome, for example.


This treatment involves a specialized machine named after the medical method. It includes a mask that fits over your face, a tube that connects the mask to the engine and the motor itself, which blows air into the tube.

Most machines are quiet, lightweight and small. Some, which are more sophisticated, provide other features such as a heated humidifier. Continuous positive airway pressure treatment is considered as the best method for sleep apnea. This is a common disorder, which troubles your breathing while asleep.

During sleep apnea, the airway is blocked, and less air reaches your lungs. Any air that goes past the blockage will make you snore loudly, which is unpleasant for other inhabitants of your house. The mild pressure from the machine prevents the airways from getting blocked.

If your doctor prescribes you the machine, then you will be required to obtain it from a provider. The citizens of Toronto can rely on the professionalism of PROFMed. A company that will provide you with the right equipment so that you can recover from your disease.


After the CPAP treatment, you will no longer wake the whole house up with the loud snoring you are having due to the sleep apnea. This way, the quality of your sleep will be significantly improved. You will also get rid of the daytime sleepiness, and you will feel quite energized. High blood pressure will also be normalized, and all symptoms of the sleep apnea will be relieved.

According to research, all patients experience overall improvement of their performance throughout the day. Lungs should no longer be treated with steroids and infants will have increased chances of surviving when their lungs are not entirely developed. Moreover, cpap toronto  is less invasive than ventilator therapy, and it’s far more appropriate for newborns.



The Toronto-based company provides a large variety of brands, accessories, supplies and other respiratory products that offer different kinds of continuous positive airway pressure treatment.

We offer a variety of brands, which provides flexibility given the fact that every condition should be treated differently. Every brand offers different benefits than the other.

All people working at PROFMed are highly experienced and educated staff, who will answer all questions that you might have for them. We will provide the right assistance to make sure that your condition is cured properly. The company provides state-of-art solutions for people who have breathing problems, so don’t hesitate to call if you are one of them!

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