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Finding The Time To Shine: 6 Tips For The Busy Parent

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 by Guest Writer

Finding The Time To Shine: 6 Tips For The Busy Parent


Raising kids is a juggling act. You have a lot of different responsibilities, and it can be a challenge to fit everything into your schedule. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may end up neglecting some of your basic needs – including proper oral hygiene. Here are six tips for busy parents that cannot find the time to keep their teeth clean:


#1 – Brush your teeth with your children

If you have children, instead of just watching them brush their teeth, you should join in. Brush your teeth while your kids are brushing their teeth, ensuring everyone is following a good brushing schedule. This is especially useful for remembering to brush your teeth before bed.


#2 – Avoid foods and drinks that cause stains

Avoiding foods and drinks that are known to cause stains can help keep your teeth clean. Cut down on coffee, red wine, and other drinks that can stain your teeth. You should also avoid smoking as it can have a profound impact on the health of your teeth.


#3 – Keep a travel dental kit at work

You should keep a dental kit at work. This way, you can brush your teeth after eating your lunch. Keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash in a small pouch that you can leave on your desk or in a locker at work. If this is too much work for you, then consider at least keeping a package of floss with you so that you can floss your teeth after lunch.


#4 – Brush your teeth in the shower

While brushing your teeth with your children in the evening can help improve your oral hygiene, you may still have trouble finding time in the morning. Consider brushing your teeth while you shower. This cuts down on the time needed to get ready in the morning.


#5 – Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated throughout the day is good for the health of your teeth. When your mouth becomes dry, it is difficult to create saliva, which is needed to fight bacteria and keep your teeth clean.


#6 – Schedule regular checkups and do not cancel

You should also schedule regular checkups and stick to your appointments. For your convenience, you can often schedule your next checkup when you complete a check-up. Set a reminder and do not cancel your appointments. These regular checkups are typically scheduled every 6 months.


Regular dental checkups help you detect any oral hygiene issues early. This allows you to take corrective action before you experience any significant dental problems. Identifying problems early is always a good form of prevention.


Remember these tips and suggestions. Just because you lead a busy lifestyle does not mean that you can neglect your dental hygiene. Find ways to include regular oral hygiene as a part of your daily schedule.


Brush with your children, brush in the shower, take a toothbrush and floss to work. Dr. Roderick of Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Phoenix strongly recommends that you avoid foods, drinks and anything else that causes stains and discoloration on your teeth, and remember to schedule a regular checkup with your dentist.






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