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Budget friendly tips for a My Plate Holiday Meal

Posted on Nov 02, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

With the holidays here, we are all looking for ways to watch our wallet.  We know it is expensive with all the gifts you need to buy and add in the holiday decorations and then holiday outfits for the kids!  Whew, it starts to add up.  

Then there is the food which is central to our holiday feasts.  But food doesn't have to be another budget concern if you follow some simple rules to help you watch your wallet but still get all the healthy, tasty foods you want to share during the holidays.

Here are my tips that I use to help me during the holidays:

 1.  Start with your menu for the holidays.  

2.  Then make your list of items you need to create your meal.

3.  Next look at the circulars and weekly specials for your local grocery store and see what is on special or discounted.

4.  Then head to the store with the most discounts to purchase the food items on your holiday shopping list.

5.  Then follow these smart shopping tips for each of the food groups in the supermarket:

Fruits and Vegetables - Produce Section of the grocery store

  • buy foods that are in season.  In season fruits and vegetables are always less expensive than out of season foods.
  • If you needs some produce that is out of season, consider frozen or canned 

Grains Section of the grocery store

  • Rice and pasta tend to be really budget friendly food options for the grains section.  But try brown rice or whole grains pasta for more nutritional punch to your grains.
  • If you can buy the grains in bulk and weigh them yourself, you will also save money rather than buy the pre-packaged version

Proteins - Meat and Deli Section as well as the Seeds, Nuts and Beans!

We always think of meat but eggs are a great protein and less expensive

If you can buy family size meat packages, these tend to be more wallet-friendly. You can always freeze the amount you don't need for a later meal.  Just remember to date and label the freezer bag.

Dairy - Milk and milk related food items of the grocery store

  • If you can buy plain yogurt and add the fruit yourself that will be cheaper.  
  • Often times the store non-branded version is less expensive than the popular brands

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Budget friendly foods does not mean you have to sacrifice nutrition!





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