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New Video teaches us that we aren't so in control of our food purchases as we think!

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

The anatomy of a super market purchase.  This is a great little video that shares some of the tricks that food marketers use to get us to make the purchase they want us to make.  They are more in control of your buying decisions than any of us really realize!

Let's talk about your grocery store food decisions.

You are going to grocery store shopping and ready to walk through the aisles to find the foods you want to put in your cart.  You have a grocery list but you don't always stick to it.  Why? You may buy things you don't need or even foods that you don't even actually want to buy.

It starts with the Unconscious mind:  Your Unconscious mind may be swayed by food ads that you saw earlier in the day or week that you don't even realize was registered!

There are 4500 marketing messages per person per day- that is one ad for every 14 second you are awake! Yikes!! 

There is also ads going on inside the grocery store.  Where foods are located in a supermarket will drive a lot of your buying decisions.  

The bigger your grocery cart, the more you will tend to buy!  That is just part of what is planned

Next there are the defaults that we just naturally fall back on.  Things we just get used to and then expect.  For example, how sugary we expect foods, or how salty we want foods to be, or even the size.  We now expect larger food portions.

Finally, our will power will play factor in our decisions.  For example, if you are really hungry when you are grocery shopping, you may find that you are buying more because you are so hungry that it is your hunger that is driving your decision.

So there really is a lot more going on when you grocery shop than you think.  

Think about your next shopping experience because there are ways to control your decisions if you know what to look for!

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Being aware of what is driving your subconscious!





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