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Kids nutrition tips- making juicing a fun family activity

Posted on Dec 26, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

I was thinking about the value of juicing and thought I would add some other beneficial ideas to consider.

What is great about juicing is can be a "get kids involved" food activity. It can really be a fun little activity kids will enjoy:

  • Let them go with you to store and pick veggies and fruits to make a new juice recipe. A fun way to discover new fruits and vegetables ! Add a little counting activity/ game where you have kids count berries or fruits placed in the basket or weigh them to see how many makes a pound.
  • You can also increase learning- by discussing the vitamins and minerals in each fruit and how these help their bodies be healthy and strong, here is link to a site that lists these facts
  • Have kids check off their fruit and vegetables using our kid friendly printable 'meal tracker' food charts (look for the sheet titled "More Fruits and Veggies Please")
  • Kids can write down ingredients for their new juice recipe on an index card.
  • Have your child put stars or smileys on their favorite juice recipes.
  • Have your kids help in the kitchen and watch the juice being created- ( kids love to help and hear sound of juice being made, then watch the colors come out)
  • Try making a new juice every week- can be a fun activity and something kids look forward to.
  • Keep it simple and fun.
  • You can even select a "special" juice cup to take out on juicing day!
  • You can lower sugar content of any fruits you juice, by adding water or sparkling water
  • Juice only stays fresh a few days in fridge as it has no preservatives!



Tuesday, Jan 06, 2009 @ 10:10 PM

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Juicing what a fun way to get kids to have more fruits and veggies, love this post and recipes. I'll let you all know how our 1st juice turns out. I'm going to let my kids pick out the fruits and veg for it as suggested. They are eating a bit better since I have tried your other food tips! Small steps is great motto.
Saturday, Feb 20, 2010 @ 10:16 AM

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In my own opinion, every kid should be enjoyed drinking juices instead of soda as it gives nutrients to body and can reduce the risk in having diseases. I love this post. Honestly, i dont know how can i persuade my child to eat fruits and vegetables, i;m going to try these tips. thanks a heap!

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