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Who is food marketing to your children?

Posted on Sep 02, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Wednesday Nourishing Graphics:  

We are happy to share this infographic that further tells the story about the nourishing value of teaching children about food marketing.

Who is surprised to learn that children are seeing hundreds of fast food advertising.  is it no wonder that the golden arches is recognizeable by toddlers who can barely speak.  They are just learning to talk and McDonalds is one of their first logos they know! 

Kids are now marketed to via the apps they play on their ipads, iphones or other mobile devices.  Children are marketed to when they watch youtube videos.  Children are seeing ads in sponsored kids online playzones where advertisers have chosen to make a kids website.  Of course, with millions of dollars to gain in food purchases, fast food and junk food advertisers are willing to pay big for those websites to be really fun, visually lively and filled with free games to play that promote their food products.

Add to the traditional advertising on television, radio and in print, kids are getting hit from all sides with food marketing.

What chance do parents have with this kind of exposure and constant bombardment of marketing.  You might think it is hopeless, but it is not.  There are a great number of advocacy groups that are appealing to the government to enforce regulations to prevent food marketing to young children and there is also you, the parents, who have more power than you might think.

Parents are the walking billboard for food advertising that children see every day.  This means that the food you choose to buy says a great deal to children.  The foods you decide to stock in your kitchen pantry tells children what foods you are promoting.  The foods you introduce during meal time teaches chidlren what you value.  You are a powerful ad that your children learns from.

You also have control over the television and mobile devices and computer time.  You can combat some of this exposure by controlling what they watch and how long they are allowed screen time. 







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