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National Fruits and Vegetables Month - Enjoying more fruit

Posted on Jul 06, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Last few blogs I spoke about how to get your child eating more veggies but kids also need more fruit.  With June being national Fruits and Veggies Month, I would be remiss if I did not talk a the importance of fruits.

Now it is true that it is easier to get children to eat more fruits than veggies.  They are sweeter and that is naturally something children want to eat more of.  The key is to satisfy their sweet tooth with natural healthy fruits not sugary treats.

There is good news that children have increased their fruit consumption which is great.  But here are some guidelines:

It is better to eat your fruit than drink it.  One 8-ounce glass of orange is the equivalent to eating two oranges.  But guess what?  You are not getting the benefits of the fiber, you won't feel full and juicing may destroy some of the antioxidants naturally in fruits.  So you get all the sugar but no fiber. 

I am not saying to eliminate fruit juice.  Children enjoy it and it is a way to get a serving of fruit in.  But limit fruit juice to once a day and no more than 6 ounces.

Ensure the juice you are buying is 100% natural fruit juice with "NO SUGAR ADDED". That is mucho importante!  

Leave the peel on if you can.  A great deal of the healthy fiber is in the peel of the fruit.

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Eating and drinking are not the same when it comes to nutrition!





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