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New study shows parents are confused - what is a healthy drink for kids?

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

A new study* has been released that tell us we need more positive healthy marketing messages about healthy beverages.

Researchers at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity found parents are not really sure what makes a healthy beverage.  Part of the problem seems to be the labeling and marketing messages found on beverages.  

Most parents know that soda is not part of a healthy diet.  They get that.  They also know milk and water are healthy drinks.

What is confusing is the flavored drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices.  These drinks tend to be high in sugar and calories and not much else.  But when you see the word "sport", parents are tricked into thinking that means "healthy" because they are equating sport performance with these drinks.  Or flavored water is another term that confuses parents.  Just because it has "water" in the title, does not mean it is healthy like water.  Or fruit juice is another sugary beverage. Parents think this is really good for my child because it is fruit.  But there can be the same amount of sugar in a fruit juice as there is in a soda!  Surprised? Many parents are.

A study conducted back in 2012 from the CDC found that children were getting 41% of their calories from beverages! Yes, 41%!  That's a lot of calories that are mainly coming from sugar.

Parents are looking for healthy alternatives for their child and moving away from soda but unfortunately, most of the alternatives advertised are actually another form of sugary drinks!


1.  Parents have to stop looking at the marketing claims on the front of the bottle and start looking at the facts in the back or side of the package.

2.  Look at the sugar and know that every 4 grams of sugar is one teaspoon.  

3.  Next look at the serving size because often the container will be 2 serving sizes. This means that the sugar amount has to be multiplied by 2 if your child (or you) drink the entire bottle as many do.  


Healthy Beverage Options

Always the healthy option:

Good old fashion milk

Plain water.  You can add your own slice of fruit to flavor it!

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