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Starting a personal family journey to better health

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

This is my final entry for now on one child's battle with weight because changes will take time and it is a personal journey.  I hope to report some positive news in a few months.

But I wanted to share with you that we met together to discuss her thoughts on the family eating healthier.  We did talk together about the family's journey to healthier habits.  We did not make this about her weight although during the conversation, she said that some of the kids had called her "fat" and she wanted to lose weight.

We talked about National Nutrition Month and how this was a time of the year that was a great opportunity for families all around the country to take a look at their habits and how they could improve it.  We talked about the challenges in making healthier choices and agreed that some things would be easy and other habits may be a bit more difficult to change.

We agreed that a good place to start was to look at our current habits and then make one or two simple changes as a family.  Once those goals were part of the routine, we can then add more goals.  Sometimes we might slip up and that's okay.  We just start again.  We also shared ideas on how to celebrate our successes that did not use food.  I was surprised at how many ideas she came up with!

We had this great positive conversation about keeping our bodies healthy so that it was in the best shape to let us do all the fun things we wanted to do.  We did not talk about her being overweight.  We talked about the family needing to work together to be a healthier family.

And so our personal family journey begins...

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Every journey starts with the first step!

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