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One key resolution that will get families on the right tract to healthy eating

Posted on Jan 05, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

I hope everyone is off to a great 2015.  

A new year is a chance to make healthy changes in the home and start the year off on a healthy tract.  But there are so many things you can pick to work on, if you could only pick one, what would it be?    

What one thing could you do that would have the biggest impact?

Of course, that is a great question and also a challenging one because one size never fits all.  

You may be surprised because it isn't exercising every day, it isn't starting a little garden or ensuring a green and orange vegetable each dinner meal.  

Eat together as a family.  

That sounds simple, right?  But, no judgment here because being raised by a single mom, that is not always easy to accomplish.  For our family, my mom was gone before we got up and often worked a second job to make ends meet which meant that she was not home at dinner. 

So I do know that sometimes simple solutions are not so simple.  But when I think of my childhood, I always remember us eating together as a family.  So how did my mom accomplish this feat?  

Afterschool, we went to our aunt's house and we ate together as a family there each evening that my mom had to work.  When my mom was not working, she cooked our meals and we ate together.  It was time to catch up and let her know what was going on in school.

She was off the weekend so that was big "family meal time".  We had all three meals together.  

Also meal time as a family was more that just sitting at the table.  It meant that we went with her to shop for foods. 

It meant that we each took turns helping to cook and prepare the table

It meant that after dinner, we helped clean up.

Family meal time has alot of components to it and offers a great time for your family to model, learn and work together on what makes a healthy meal.  Use the meal as a guideline and then adapt to fit into what works best for your family.


Nourish Thought for the Day:  

One change can make all the difference to a child.

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