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Pasta and patience brings broccoli to the table

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

This past weekend was World Pasta Day.

I wanted to share with you my pasta story.  When I was growing up, I did not want to eat my broccoli.  When exactly or why, I really can't say.  But for some reason, I thought it was just too much like a tree and did not want to eat it.  Now you may be saying, what does this have to do with pasta, hold on, I am going to get there.

My mom, determined that I should include this vegetable in my diet (you have to know my mother, green and orange veggie every day on the plate!)  

She tries steaming it, nope!

She tries sautéing it, nope!

She tries baking it with chicken, nope!

Then she cuts up into small pieces so it no longer looks like a tree and mixes it with cheese and pasta..... yup!

She told me later that she finally stopped and listened to what I was saying.  I did not like the "tree" so she changed that.  She also made it easier by combining it with some foods that I did like.  

Now I love broccoli and I don't need pasta to eat.  Tree and all.  Thanks mom for your patience and persistence in getting me to eat this power veggie.

Simple to make:

  • cook pasta (preferable whole wheat)
  • steam your broccoli separate (then cut up or put in processor for quick chopping)
  • mix with cooked pasta 
  • add a little unsalted butter
  • add in some cheddar cheese while pasta and broccoli are hot so it melts

Serve up! still one of my favorites today

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Sometimes it takes good listening skills and patience to succeed.

Happy Pasta Day

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