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Salt By The Numbers - Infographics Says IT All

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

My last thought on salt.  I found this infographic and thought it really says it all.

Please share!

More tips for reducing salt intake in your family's diet:

You can find the amount of salt on any food package.  Just look at the food label for the word "sodium".

Then you can compare snacks.  Select the one with less sodium.  This is one easy step to reducing your family and child's salt intake.

Snacks (ie quick snacks, aka convenient snacks, "junk foods") are a big source of sodium for children.  Try helping children with healthier snack choices by:

  • have them help eliminate the junk snacks (high in sodium) from your cupboard.  The saying "out of sight, out of mind" is true.  They are less likely to eat them if they are not readily available in the house.
  • have children be part of the snack menu for the house.  Challenge them to come up with snacks that are lower in sodium that they will enjoy.
  • experiment with recipes by lowering the salt amount and have the kids help

We can help our children avoid a lifetime of heart disease and instead, enjoy a healthy adulthood by teaching them to eat healthier.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

You are still the biggest influence in your child's life. Practice what you preach.





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