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Thanksgiving Tips for a Wonderful Family Event

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

Thanksgiving is one of those special meals that families look forward to for several weeks. It is one of those times where we might just want to enjoy the full rich recipes that have been handed down generation to generation.

Some suggestions to help Thanksgiving be enjoyable and still healthy:

  • Don't skip meals:  Make sure your children have their regular breakfast and lunch prior to the Thanksgiving dinner.  This will help you and your children eat  more reasonable portions because you won't be starving.  We think "now don't eat because you will spoil your appetite".  Yes, I am guilty of this too but it really sets us up to overeat.
  • Don't forget those veggies and salads: They make great side dishes, color up the table and go great with turkey
  • Think about the time your family will be eating:  Eating earlier is better than later so your family doesn't go to bed with a full stomach
  • Make an after dinner activity part of the holiday festivities: A brisk family walk or a little dancing is a great way to help digest that meal and burn off some of the calories and fun
  • Add fresh fruits to the list of desserts:  Add some cut up fruit to the assortment of pies, they taste great and compliment pies nicely
And most importantly,  have a fun, memorable Thanksgiving.  These are some of the memories kids fondly look back on as they grow up, and will carry forward to their own families one day.


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Tuesday, Nov 25, 2008 @ 12:08 PM

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Great tips! I really like your recommendation to do an after dinner party to burn off some of the pumpkin pie calories!!! We're talking about the same thing on, so I'll be linking directly to this page! Thanks, and keep the great posts coming!

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