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Immunity Boost: 10 Alternatives to Oranges that Provide Vitamin C

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 by Guest Writer

Oranges are well known for the property of containing high amounts of vitamin C. This immunity boosting component can help prevent virtually anyone from becoming sick by assisting in the creation of white blood cells. However, there are many other fruits and vegetables that are capable of provide the same effect, if not greater, that oranges have on your system. What other foods are capable of assisting your immunity?

1. Strawberries - Although more expensive in many areas, strawberries contain a great amount of vitamin C. A single cup of whole strawberries contains roughly 60-percent more vitamin C than an orange. Coincidentally, this can also provide you with light quantities of potassium as well as magnesium.

2. Lemons - While you may add lemons to water in order to give it some taste, a single cup of sections can provide you with almost twice what you need in a day for vitamin C. It would take more than two oranges in order to surpass the amount this fruit can provide.

3. Grapefruit - Although grapefruit doesn't have the capacity for vitamin C as a lemon, one cup of slices can provide you with slightly more than your daily value. One of the highlights to this fruit is the fact that it can also provide you with great amounts of vitamin A.

4. Kiwi - Did you know that one cup of sliced kiwi can provide you with more than three times the amount of vitamin C as an orange? Even the single fruit itself surpasses the orange by 20-percent of your daily value.

5. Papayas - Heavy in vitamin C and good for vitamin A, one cup of papaya pieces can provide 147-percent of your daily value of the immunity boosting compound.

6. Pineapple - While an entire pineapple will give you more than seven times your daily value for vitamin C, a cup of this tropical fruit still yields 50-percent more than an orange.

7. Bell Peppers - While they may not be sweet, a single large bell pepper provides you with almost six times the immunity boosting properties you need in a single day. Sauté this veggie with onions and you have a great topper for seasoned chicken.

8. Guava - A single guava provides as much vitamin C as two and a half oranges. It's also another good source of vitamin A and your daily total of dietary fibers.

9. Broccoli - A cup of chopped broccoli and a ranch dip can make a great snack as well as provide you with more than 130-percent of your daily vitamin C intake. However, it may be more difficult to convince your children to eat in contrast to something fruity.

10. Tomatoes - It would take two cups of tomatoes to equal the vitamin C content of a single orange. However, it can be easily added to many dinner recipes in order to provide additional nutritional value.

Oranges are widely sought after usually because of the taste. This citrus fruit has been used in a wide variety of recipes and drinks giving food a unique but highly identifiable flavor. However, you don't need to eat a lot of oranges in order to get your daily value of vitamin C. Explore the possibilities of other fruits and vegetables and add more variety to your diet in order to prevent illness.

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