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National Healthy School Day

Posted on Apr 07, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Tomorrow, April 8th, is National Healthy School Day

You might think this day is about feeding our kids healthy foods in schools (and that is certainly important!) but this day is actually about providing a safe environment for our children to learn in.

This day is about protecting our children from toxins, pollutants, unsafe building conditions and hazardous products that can negatively affect our children's health. It can cause or affect children's allergies, breathing problems like asthma and immune system ( to name a few)

Some concerns are:
  • asbestos
  • lead
  • radon
  • mold in damp buildings
  • cleaning solutions
  • pesticides
  • inadequate drinking water
  • toxic PCB in school caulk and lit ballasts

I want to recognize the importance of a healthy environment in building a healthy child.  I do most of my talking about healthy foods.  But the environment is just as important because how can a child stay healthy if their body is being bombarded with pollutants and toxins.  

I had the awful, unforgettable experience of having a very sick child when my son was 4 years old.  He developed this strange autoimmune condition that essentially had his own body killing his blood cells.  To this day, we are not 100% sure what caused it but one of the probable causes was exposure to a heavy pesticide.  I am thankful every day that he recovered and is now a healthy young man.  

What can parents do to ensure healthy schools?
  • Be alert to children whose health worsens when in school.
  • Ask school administrators and facilities staff tough questions about how the school promotes indoor air quality. Be specific.
  • Ask schools to use a suggestion/complaint box for school occupants to submit their observations, concerns, and thank yous!
  • Ask about eliminating toxic pesticide use and phasing in safer, healthier cleaning products.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

A healthy school is made up healthy foods, healthy play and a healthy environment!





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