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How does your county rank in health and well-being?

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Each year the Robert's Woods Foundation releases a report that ranks our country by county.  You can now find out how your county ranked based on 29 different factors that impact health:

Check out your community's rankings on diet and exercise.

Health Factor Weights for the 2014 County Health Rankings
Health Factor
Focus Area
29 Measure
Health behaviors (30%)
Smoking (10%)
Adult smoking (10%)
Diet and exercise (10%)
Adult obesity (5%)
Food environment index (2%)
Physical inactivity (2%)
Access to exercise opportunities (1%)
Alcohol and drug use (5%)
Excessive drinking (2.5%)
Alcohol-impaired driving deaths (2.5%)
Sexual activity (5%)
Sexually transmitted infections (2.5%)
Teen births (2.5%)
Clinical care (20%)
Access to care (10%)
Uninsured (5%)
Primary care physicians (3%)
Dentists (1%)
Mental health providers (1%)
Quality of care (10%)
Preventable hospital stays (5%)
Diabetic screening (2.5%)
Mammography screening (2.5%)
Social and economic factors (40%)
Education (10%)
High school graduation (5%)
Some college (5%)
Employment (10%)
Unemployment (10%)
Income (10%)
Children in poverty (10%)
Family and social support (5%)
Inadequate social support (2.5%)
Children in single-parent households (2.5%)
Community safety (5%)
Violent crime (2.5%)
Injury deaths (2.5%)
Physical environment (10%)
Air and water quality (5%)
Air pollution - particulate matter (2.5%)
Drinking water violations (2.5%)
Housing and transit (5%)
Severe housing problems (2%)
Driving alone to work (2%)
Long commute - driving alone (1%)



Nourish Thought for the Day:  

A healthy community starts with a healthy family. Contribute to your community by teaching your children healthy habits at an early age.





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