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4 Steps to a Safe Holiday Feast

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

I just realized that I have got to do some major shopping this weekend (and cleaning) for Thanksgiving.  How did it sneak up so fast?

Well, my next few blogs will focus on keys to having a healthy Thanksgiving Day celebration with your family. 

Cooking A Turkey Using Food Safety Guidelines

Let's start with some key basics.  Food safety.  If you don't follow basic food safety guidelines when preparing your meal, you risk family members getting sick.  And none of us wants that. 

Here is a a 2 minute video that reviews the key points to food safety

1.  Clean:  start by washing your hands and having a clean kitchen to cook in (cutting boards, knives and countertops)

2.  Separate:  don't use the same cutting boards for produce, meats and poultry, separate raw foods from cooked foods.  separate raw meat from other foods

3.  Cook:  Cook your meats with a food thermometer so it is cooked perfectly and safely.  You won't under or overcook foods. (ensure bacteria are killed)

4.  Chill: put leftovers into the refrigerator (including pie)

As a reminder, here is a fun infographic to share.  Yes, I love them because a picture is worth a thousand words!







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