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Chef Solus and The Explorers Eat Out!


This month I decided to take a break from cooking. We tried to decide where we could go to eat that would be quick and easy. These type of restaurants are called "Fast Food". It's fast 

because you don't wait for a waitress to take your order like in a regular restaurant. Instead you stand in line and order your food at the counter and in a few minutes, it is ready.
But when I looked at the menu, I was concerned that these Fast Food places had foods that were very high in fat, sugar and calories. If we weren't careful, we might eat almost a whole day's worth of calories in just one meal. I knew that would not be very good for our bodies. Even though we are eating out, we still want to eat healthy. So we decided to plan ahead.
What all the explorers wanted was to order the fun kids meal box. So here is what we did to make it healthier: Instead of a soda, we asked them to change it to milk, water or 100% fruit juice. And they did! Did you know you could ask for some changes to make your meal healthier and most places will do it!! Soda has a lot of sugar in it, sometimes more than 10 teaspoons Some explorers wanted fries which we know was cooked in a lot of oil so we made sure that we ordered a small size, other explorers asked for apple slices instead of fries.
We knew the man at the counter might ask us if we wanted to order a jumbo burger. Oh no, we stay away from foods that have the word "jumbo", "super-size" , "giant" or "deluxe". That is way to many calories than our body needs. We ordered our hamburgers with no mayonnaise or mayonnaise on the side. That way, it let's us decide how much mayo to put on our burgers.
Now were all prepared for our trip to the Fast Food place! Don't forget to be active afterwards! Remember to have fun and keep exploring!
See you next month
The Explorers Eat Out!


Your body needs at least 60 minutes of exercise every day!
It is healthier to eat potatoes with their skins on!









Next time you visit a fast food restaurant, ask for the Nutrition Facts for all the foods on the menu. Choose your top two favorite meals and add up the total calories. Don't forget the drink! Compare the calories of your favorite foods and decide what might be a better choice!

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