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Chef Solus and The Explorers Love Drinking Water


We have been exploring the Hidden Game Room deep inside the Food Pyramid all morning. We 

decided that it was time to bring back a new game that would be fun and remind us about eating something from each of the food groups every day. The room was full of secret panels and doors. We knew there was a lot more games to find, we just had to keep looking.
Elena called out when she leaned on a stone and a new hidden drawer popped out of the wall. There she found our newest game called Pyramid Panic. You can find the game in our Hidden Game Room Webpage. We had lots of fun playing it! You will too! See if you can be a top scorer!!
Well it has been a long morning and we are all tired and thirsty. I realized that we were so excited to find the new Pyramid Panic game that we had not drank any water for over a half an hour. Drinking water is important and keeps your body healthy and feeling good. When you are being active, your body will need more water. A good rule of thumb is to drink water every 20 minutes when you are being active, like us Explorers. That is why we always keep our water bottle handy. That is it for now. Remember to have fun and keep exploring.
The explorers love to drink water and feel great!


Remember to drink water after exercising.
That the human body is about 60% water?









Become a water chef. Have your mom or dad help you slice up different fruits and vegetables and let them sit in a pitcher of water. Find out which one taste best. Try sliced apples, celery, cucumber, mint and lime. Try it out with seltzer water or club soda to give some add fuzz and bubbles to your drink. For a party, freeze water and chopped up lemon slices. Your friends will get a kick out of placing this colorful ice cubes in their water.

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