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Chef Solus and The Explorers Are Active

Hi Nutrition Explorers.   
It was a beautiful day in the jungle, so we decided to explore the left outer side of the pyramid. We noticed that this side of the pyramid was the only side to have stairs.
Elena noticed that each stair was numbered. She climbed up to the top step and learned that there were exactly 60 steps. Then suddenly Tony called out that he found a symbol in the corner of the first step. When he touched the symbol it lit up and a picture appeared on every stair. What does this mean?
We got closer and noticed that each picture showed a different type of activity. As we walked up each stair, we saw pictures of a biker, a climber, a runner and more.
As we reached the top step we felt supercharged with energy. There at the top of the steps was a new secret scroll. It said, "Be physically active everyday for at least 60 minutes. This will keep you full of energy and feeling great."
Being active keeps our bodies healthy and our bones growing strong.  
be active every day kids
What kind of things can you do every day to be active.  Lots and lots of fun things!  Here are some of our favorite activities:
  • riding bikes
  • jumping rope
  • playing hopscotch
  • playing dodge ball
  • shooting hoops
  • playing tag
  • playing leap frog
  • having potato sack races
  • hiking in nature
Remember to have fun and keep exploring.
It's Fun to be active!


If you are watching TV, do jumping jacks during the commercials
It’s best to limit TV, computer and video games to 1-2 hours each day.







Let’s Move It! Keep track of all your physical activities this week. Keep an activity diary and write down the activity, how long you played it and most importantly, did you have fun? Aim to increase your activities each day by trying something new and remember the goal is to be active for 30-60 minutes. Make sure to start slowly and cool down afterwards. Don’t forget activities like cleaning your room or walking to school count!



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