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Chef Solus and The Explorers learn about Serving Sizes!


The Explorers were digging in the milk section of the pyramid. Jasmine started to jump up and down as she called everyone to come and see what she found. Behind a square blue stone was

another hidden scroll! We all gathered around to see what it said. Jasmine carefully pulled out the scroll and dusted off all the cobwebs. It had been hidden there for a long time.
Jasmine read out loud, “Serving size tells us the amount of food we need to make up one full serving. Every food group is different. In the milk group, one serving is equal 1 cup milk or yogurt 2 ounces processed cheese (American) 1 ½ ounces natural cheese (cheddar) “
Tony said, “I know I need 3 servings of milk every day. That means I need to drink 3 cups of milk! I get it. Now if we know what makes one servings for each of the five food groups, then we will know how much food to eat to be healthy and grow strong.”
I told everyone to look in each of the other food sections of the pyramid and see if we could find the Serving Size scroll for each of them.
Alex called out from the grains, “found it!”
Kevin and Tyler called out from the meat and beans section, “Hey, we found a scroll too!”
Ashley called out from the fruit section of the pyramid, “I found one also.”
And finally Katlin and Elena called out from the vegetables section, “We also found the secret scroll!”
Everyone brought the scrolls together so that we could bring them back to the campsite and review each one. I thought it would be easier to read the serving size for each of the food groups by putting it all on one scroll.
Click here to print out this new scroll and read all about what makes a serving for each of the food groups. Then go play the Kevin’s Build-a-Meal game and find out exactly how many servings you need from each of the food groups!
Remember to have fun and keep exploring!
See you next month
Explorers learn about serving sizes!


Find out cool ways to remember serving sizes for all the food groups. Can you picture a ping pong ball? That’s two tablespoons of peanut butter!
You can control portions by measuring out a serving of your favorite snack.











Learn the serving sizes from the Food Guide Pyramid and teach the rest of your family. Start by measuring out a family meal such as dinner. Look at the different foods on your plate and measure each food and compare it to the servings from the Food Guide Pyramid. How many servings from each food group are you having for dinner? How does that compare with the rest of the days servings?









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