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Chef Solus and The Explorers have Celebrate Thanksgiving

We are off to the supermarket today. All the explorers are taking a break from the Food Pyramid and helping me prepare for a tasty and healthy Thanksgiving feast.
Before we go to the supermarket, we will stop at our local farmer’s market and look for some fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. In autumn, there are lots of new vegetables that we use to make many of the side dishes.
Elena came running over with some strange shaped squash. Tony and Alex helped Elena find more colors and funny shapes. We all laughed. One squash looked like it was wearing a hat! Jasmine made sure we had carrots, pumpkins and yams. We love orange vegetables. Not only are they sweet, but they help our eyes see in the dark!
Tyler and Katlin were in charge of the fruits for dessert. They brought some fresh cranberries, apples for pie and strawberries for a shortcake.
Now we are off to the supermarket for the rest of our shopping list. I looked at the list and read it aloud. “We need nonfat milk, low fat whipping cream, potatoes, some onions, fresh garlic and whole wheat bread crumbs for our stuffing.”
Kevin said, “Chef Solus, aren’t you forgetting something?” “Hmmm, what could it be?” I wondered. Kevin said, “THE TURKEY!” “Oh, yeah!” And we all laughed. How could I have forgotten the turkey from my shopping list!
I was thankful that all the explorers helped me. It is fun to plan Thanksgiving as a family. There is always so much to do and it really helps and makes it fun when we all work together.
There are plenty of things you can do to help make Thanksgiving a fun gathering. You can:
  • help come up with the menu
  • find items on the grocery list
  • find different colored seasonal vegetables
  • wash vegetables and fruits
  • help measure and mix ingredients
  • add fresh fruits and vegetables to platters
  • make cute Thanksgiving decorations
  • set the table
This Thanksgiving, let your mom and dad know that you can help them prepare for the Thanksgiving Day festivities. They will really appreciate it.
Have a fun and healthy Thanksgiving! See you next month and remember to keep exploring.
Explorers help shop for a healthy Thanksgiving!


Don’t save your appetite for dinner. Eat breakfast and a light lunch on Thanksgiving Day so you won’t overeat. Your tummy will thank you.
The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed in at 86 pounds











Tell your family it would be fun to have some healthy competition on Thanksgiving day (get up and move). See if the local craft store or even the grocery store has burlap bags. Plan on doing some sack races where both legs are in the sack and you have to jump the fastest to the finish line. Or make it a race of pure balancing talent. Have a one legged hopping contest. Which team is the fastest? Come up with your own ideas for indoor or outdoor activities. The important thing is to be active and have fun!


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