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Chef Solus and The Explorers Enjoy Their Lunch Time


Hi Nutrition Explorers. We are getting ready to go on another mission inside the pyramid. We are not sure what we will find or how long we will be in there. So lunch will be very important. We need a good healthy lunch to give us enough energy to last us until dinnertime. Today we are packing a new vegetable we recently discovered. It’s called edimame. Have you heard of it? It is a green vegetable and is also known as a soybean. It is high in protein and is fun to eat. Just pop the beans out of their pods. You can eat them cold or warm. Try them as a side dish in your lunch. Your mom or dad can find them at most grocery stores (fresh or frozen) or at Japanese restaurants. Well we are off now for our latest adventure. We will report back soon. Remember to have fun and keep exploring.

It's Lunch Time!


Play tag at lunch. You’re IT!
Edimame is a vegetable, high in protein. Just pop out the beans. It’s fun.








Mom and dad have a lot of “to do’s” each day (get you to school, take you to baseball practice, make you an appointment for the dentist, find your missing soccer sock). This busy day may leave little time for lunch time creativity. This is where you help out. Tell you mom what you would like in your lunch. After dinner, you can help prepare your lunch for the next day. Wash your hands and then create your own trail mix with peanuts, raisons, stick pretzels and mini chocolate chips.




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