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Chef Solus and The Explorers Have a Fun Barbeque

Wow, what a great sunny day. Today, we are taking a break and celebrating all the new facts we learned about nutrition and being active. We are having a barbecue! Alex, Ashley and Tony are making a delicious dish called shish kebobs. Shish kebobs are great because you can put all kinds of different foods on a stick and then barbecue it. Elena loves onions and carrots so she always adds a few of those on her kebob while Tyson loves mushrooms and pieces of chicken. You can even put fruits on your kebobs. Mix it up with some beans or nuts, milk and rolls and you'll have barbecue full of all your favorite foods and a balanced meal! Well gotta go finish up the barbecue. Remember, to have fun and keep exploring!
We also have some exciting news to share! We did a lot of exploring in the pyramid. We have just finished bringing all the pieces of the new game, Action Goal Challenge, back from a special area under the stairs of the food pyramid. This new game reminds us to be active every day and always have fun. Have fun playing this new game and then be active every day for at least 60 minutes!
Explorers take a barbecue break!


Play Frisbee in the park!
The very first barbecue was in 4000 BC!









Create a meal based on a kebob theme. Get a note pad and a pencil to help mom or dad create a shopping list. Use small bits of lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber for the salad kebob. Pick a fruit to grill on stick - plums and peaches (don't forget to brush with oil to prevent the fruit from sticking). For the main dish, or entrée, choose chicken, shrimp or meat. You can look at cook books for ideas for BBS sauces.


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