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Chef Solus and The Explorers Are Active in the Summer

It’s summer and the days are long. We, explorers, also take a break every day from exploring 
the pyramid to do fun activities outdoors. Every time we look at the stairs leading to the top of the pyramid, we remember how important it is to be active every day.
We are out of our chairs and being active at least 60 minutes a day, that’s one hour. That may sound like a long time but it goes by really fast when you are doing activities that you really enjoy! That is one of the secrets we have learned during our exploration of the pyramid. The ancient civilization has taught us that exercise is really just another word for being active and having FUN.
And I bet you could think of tons of activities that you love to do.
I looked over at the explorers and saw that Alex began to run after Tony as they played a fun game of tag! Elena jumped her on bicycle and went for a ride. Jazmine and Ashley were jumping rope. Kevin got out the Frisbee and tossed it to Katlin. She laughed as jumped up to catch it. Tyler grabbed his basketball and began shooting hoops.
Here are some of the explorers’ favorite activities:
Have wheel barrel races
Play hopscotch
Jump rope
Play soccer
Play Marco Polo
Play leap frog
Play Simon says
Go swimming
Climb the monkey bars
Walk their dog
Play duck, duck, goose
Dance to their favorite songs
Help mom and dad in the garden
Ride their bikes
What are some of your favorite activities?
Well, I have to go and do my favorite activity. I love to do cartwheels! See you next month. Don’t forget to be active every day. It’s fun!!
Explorers enjoy the summer with outdoor activities every day!


Keep your heart healthy by being active every day for at least one hour!
Your bones need exercise to help them grow!









Create a calendar for the next 4 weeks. Use a poster board or an old box to draw a calendar with space to write something down for each day. Think of an activity that will get your heart pumping for about 60 minutes. It can be as simple as dribbling a soccer ball or making an obstacle course and riding bikes through it.


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