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Nutrition Month: It's National Nutrition Month

Hi Nutrition Explorers.
This month we found a scroll that was hiding in the doorway of the pyramid. It showed the ancient civilization celebrating all the foods of the pyramid for one full month. They brought breads and cereals from the orange section of the pyramid.
Vegetables and fruits were brought from the green and red section of the pyramid. Milk and yogurts were carried in from the blue section of the pyramid. And finally, meats, fish, beans and nuts were brought from the purple section of the pyramid.
All the foods were placed on the steps of the pyramid where this ancient civilization would dance, jump, and run up the stairs. This reminds me that March is National Nutrition Month.
Bringing all the foods together reminds us that we need to eat foods from each of the food groups. The stairs reminds us to exercise everyday. So, much like the ancient civilization, we are reminded that to keep our bodies strong and growing, we need to eat a balanced meal and be active everyday. Remember, have fun and keep exploring.



Its National Nutrition Month!


Go for a walk after dinner!
Small healthy snacks help you concentrate and give you more energy.










Let’s get creative! Try these activities using the My Plate Guide:


Plan a meal for your family with at least one food from each food group. Keep track of which food groups you eat from for one day. Aim to eat a variety of foods from each group.
Try a new food from one, or all of the food groups!








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