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Chef Solus and The Explorers Love a Healthy Lunch


Wow, we can’t believe how fast the summer has past! Now, we explorers are getting ready for school where we can share all the fun new games and nutrition news we learned in the food pyramid.

We were deciding what we should pack in the lunch boxes for a yummy lunch that would give us energy for the afternoon.
Tyler said, “Put some extra carrot sticks in my lunch, please! I want to be full of energy afterschool so I can explore more of the pyramid!” We all remembered what happened last year when Tyler decided he didn’t really want to eat a healthy lunch.
‘It was a school day for the explorers and everyone got up early to eat their breakfast before going to school. I had packed everyone a great lunch with apple slices and peanut butter, a slice of 100% whole-wheat crackers and string cheese. Oh, and a small baggie of carrot sticks, Elena’s favorite! Everyone had money to buy some skim milk to have with their lunch.
As lunch started, Tyler walked by the cafeteria and saw hot dogs and French fries. He decided to skip his fruit and carrot sticks. In fact, he decided he didn’t want to eat his lunch at all! Instead he bought some candy, French fries, hot dog and soda.
At first he felt fine. He ran around and played with everyone until the bell rang and it was time to go back inside the classroom. Soon Tyler was having trouble staying awake in class. He just wanted to put his head down and take a nap. The teacher called on him but he wasn’t paying attention because he was tired.
After school, the explorers wanted to do some exploring in the south side of the pyramid but Tyler said he needed a nap. He just didn’t have his usual energy! “What’s wrong?” I asked him. Tyler said he wasn’t sure. Usually he was ready to run around and have fun with all the other explorers.
Then I asked, “Did you eat your lunch?” That is when Tyler told us that he skipped his lunch and instead bought some candy and other fatty foods that together made a very unhealthy lunch meal. We know it is okay to eat these foods once in awhile but with healthy foods so our body will feel great!
“Wow” Tyler said, “I didn’t know that eating all this high fat and high sugar foods together and skipping my fruits and vegetables would make me feel so yucky!”
That is how we all learned how important a healthy lunch is for our bodies. Now, we always make sure to have a healthy lunch that gives us all the energy we need to learn and play and have lots of fun!
Well, have fun and keep on exploring!
Healthy Lunches are fun!


Try to eat a lunch that has food from at least 4 of the food groups!
Carrots can help you see in the dark! They are loaded with Vitamin A that gives you a keen eye at night!











Have your mom and dad help you make a list of fruit and vegetables (for examples, pears, apples, banana, carrots, green beans, etc). You may want to go to the store with your parent and explore. See how many times you eat a fruit or vegetable for lunch. Set up a reward system. For every 3 or 4 checks, you get to play “Go Fish” with your dad or perhaps read an extra book with your mom. Come up with different ideas to spend time with your family.



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